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ICT for Development / ICT for Education (OLPC as an example)

Thesis by Antje Breitkopf, 2012:
Cultural and Educational Implications of Global Media. The One Laptop per Child Initiative in Rural Peruvian Schools.

Interviews with teachers:
What education do the children need in the countryside?

Presentation including group work results as pdf.

Further information/reading:
about OLPC: (independent news community)

about Culture and its loss:
Wade Davis: Dreams from endangered cultures @ TED talks:

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about Post-Development discourses:

Mediaculture of Generation C


Regis Debray:
Media Manifestos: On the Technological Transmission of Cultural Forms von Regis Debray und Eric Rauth von Verso (1. April 1996)

Short Version:
Régis Debray, What is Mediology?
Translation of Régis Debray, „Qu’est-ce que la médiologie?“
Le Monde Diplomatique, August 1999, p32.
By Martin Irvine, Georgetown University

Dirk Baecker:
Communication with Computers, or How Next Society Calls for an Understanding of Temporal Form, 2007

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Download the presentation of the lecture as PDF-File (10MB).